Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 27 - Outside

It was a winter snow storm. Except we didn't get snow. We got freezing rain and hail. In the morning you woke up to a slippery slidey porch, coating in a slick layer of ice, rails of icicles, frozen pools of water. 

You wanted to play outside and eat the ice. You wanted to scrape all the ice off the deck so that it would be safe for daddy when he got home from work. 

Joel was taking a nap, and Emi wanted to nurse. So I opened the blinds, bundled you up and hauled my rocking chair right up to the door. We were feet apart, but you were cold and I was toasting inside with a 6 week old Emi. 

You blew on the glass. Esther & Rachel both of you smushing your face up against it. You blew on the glass watching it seem up before your eyes. You collected icicles and declared them to be delicious. 

Soon Joel awoke and wanted to join you. So I braved outside with a baby gate and secured the porch, and you all played delightfully together moving around ice to make a path for daddy. 

Esther, you were making me giggle inside and out. I asked you to look at me so I could take a picture through the glass and you begin posing and sassing away for me. I love your spunky little personality. You are a hoot my darling! 

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