Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 24 - Faux

Doesn't this look like a picture perfect, happy moment? 
I could tell you of happy smiles in cooking baking heaven, delightful laughter weaving itself among sweet scents of warm cookies? 

Well... that would be false.

Right after I took this picture, Joel ran across the kitchen melting down that he doesn't like baking. I was moving Emi from one position to the other trying to help her work out some gas issues. Esther & Rachel argued over whose turn it was to stir. I am pretty sure some eggs got smashed somewhere in the process too. 

The cookie recipe turned out to be a doozy, and we collectively avowed never to use it again. 
We bought cookies from the store shortly after. 

Life isn't aways how people like to make you think it is in the pictures... no, it's something way more wonderful. It's a slow, aching, joyful struggle of our journey to sanctification. 

And I will cherish every tiny part. Even the parts that had tears, because each tear gives us the opportunity to learn how to love more upon reflection.

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