Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 22 - Makes me smile

You make me smile. It was dark outside on a saturday morning. Daddy had left early for work. In a rare moment of calm, I glanced to see you all engrossed in the world of your imaginations, of fairies, princesses and train adventures. 

For this moment, I sat watching the three of you as Emi sweetly nursed, and I drank my tea. Maybe if you had glanced, you might have seen my gently smiling, but it would not have quite shown the enormity of the smile in my soul. 

Sweet children, I know we had our moments of chaos, tempers, tears, breaking each other hearts ... me especially breaking yours at times, your sinful, broken mother scrambling to learn to love you more each day, but know ... YOU, make me smile, every single day. 

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